Our Story

Hey there! My name is Kate and I am the owner of Art OF Movement, a premium cotton Turkish towel company here in the Shuswap of BC.  Art of Movement is a brand dedicated to bringing beauty and function together in one place. I want functional, beautiful items that meet my active lifestyle, and can move with me as needed wether I am at the beach, doing yoga, cozying up on the couch, or hiking/traveling. Turkish towels quickly became a love of mine for all these reasons and I'll tell you why!

Premium cotton Turkish towels, ultra soft, ethically made, eco friendly, lightweight, 100% cotton.

Like all good stories, ours starts on a beach, on the west coast of BC while visiting friends and enjoying the surf. One of my good friends came to the beach with this amazing Turkish towel, something I had never seen before but was eye catching with its beauty. Then what sealed the deal for my absolute love of these  beach towels was that when we went to leave the beach, my girlfriend shook out the Turkish towel and ALL THE SAND FELL OFF. Like for real, there was no sand and then she wrapped it around her neck like a scarf and walked back up to the car to leave.

Jaw on the floor moment.

I am a mother to 3 kids and my husband (and probably you) can vouch for the fact that leaving the beach with your towels means, sand... lots of sand, heavy bags full of these sandy towels and don't forget that wet towel smell that we all love so much. So this moment was like a revelation that there is a better way and it's also a much more beautiful way too. So my love of the Plaj or Peshtemal or Turkish Towel was born... you could say it was love at first sight.

Fast forward a short while and I was in contact with two brothers in Turkey who I wanted to work with to create my own line of Turkish Towels. I was running an online business at the time related to yoga and this product fit in so well as it is literally the same size as most yoga mats making it the easiest and best on the go yoga mat for beach, traveling or roadie yoga sesh, and an amazing mediation wrap or yoga blanket. Although the business did not work out, I did rebrand and make Art Of Movement my new logo and Turkish towels my main focus. 

I had to bring this product back to the Shuswap and share the magic, so that is what I did. After a short while we had our Art Of Movement brand into local stores and was making sales out of the back of the car, through instagram and word of mouth. I have managed 3 years without a website, but now it's time to launch Art Of Movement for all to see! So with all my love and gratitude I welcome you into my tribe.

I love seeing people wearing the towels as scarves and shawls or running into friends at the beach or the yoga studio with their towels, it really does bring me joy.


 Premium cotton Turkish blanket, perfectly used in home decor, a beach accessory or your favourite fashion piece. 


three women with their arms around each other wrapped in 100% ultra-soft Turkish towels. Each towel is being worn as a beach wrap/sarong. One towel is Aztec print grey and white and the other two are grey and beige solid colours with a nice classic weave.

We want you in our tribe!

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