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What is a Turkish towel?

  A Turkish towel is said to be the first towel ever made.  Hand woven on Peshtemal looms in Turkey, Turkish towels have a nice flat weave and are made of 100% Turkish cotton. 

Turkish cotton hand made towels from Turkey. Ultra-soft, plush Turkish towels and Turkish blankets that are cozy, used for home decor, beach, fashion.

How do I care for my Turkish towel? Can I wash and dry it?

  Caring for your Turkish towel is easy! You can machine wash (or hand wash for extra care) and hang to dry. Each towel has washing instruction on the label so if you forget we have you covered.  Use a gentle detergent and avoid bleaching. 

Turkish towels rolled up make for space saving ideas and the plush, cozy, ultra-soft Turkish cotton is very absorbent but also quick to dry.

How Absorbent are Turkish towels?

  Turkish towels are extremely absorbent and only get better with age. A pro tip is to soak your Turkish towel in cold water for 24 hours before using it for the first time.  This will help with preparing your towel to be absorbent from the beginning.  I do promise that each time you use your towel it will get softer and better at absorbing water.  

Ultra-soft, ultra-plush cotton towels made in Turkey. Turkish towels are the original towel and are the best beach towel ever. Super absorbent, quick drying and lightweight.

Turkish towels vs regular towels, what is the difference?

  The easiest difference is Turkish towel have a flat weave which make them thinner and lighter and regular towels have a loop weave making them heavier and thicker.  Turkish towels are extremely light so easy to pack and store and thin so they dry very quickly. Also the flat weave makes these towel easy to sake off any debris, making it easy to not take a bunch of sand home with you from the beach.

Turkish towels are 100% premium cotton, ethically made and eco friendly. These lightweight, easy to pack towels will never smell bad and last forever. The original towel.

What uses do Turkish towels have beyond a towel?

  You can use your Turkish towel for so much more then a towel! See all the ways to use them here.  Our top 10 favourite uses are:

  • scarf
  • shawl
  • blanket
  • sarong
  • picnic blanket
  • car blanket
  • stroller cover
  • beach towel
  • car seat cover
  • tapestry

Premium cotton Turkish blankets that are ultra-soft and versatile for all your home decor needs. Easy to care for, and long lasting. Turkish cotton is superior and creates a thin weave that makes them lightweight.

Why can I buy Turkish towels for all different prices?

  Turkish towels are not all made the same. Of course the old saying 'you get what you pay for' does apply to everything and Turkish towels are no exception. Generally if the towel is super cheap it probably does not have a good quality weave making it less absorbent, not as soft and lower quality for longevity. If you cut corners you can make a cheaper product but the quality wont be there.  We work with quality Turkish crafters who have been making Turkish towels for many years now and quality is on the front lines of each towel hand crafted and shipped to us. Towels selling for anywhere from $40-$60 are going to be your best bet for quality.

Turkish towels are the original towel made for the beach, home decor, fashion and more. A mothers favourite diaper bag accessory for the stroller cover, nursing cover and swaddle blanket.

Are all Turkish towels made equal?

  Turkish towels are not all made equal. You want to make sure you are buying a good quality product because all the things we love about Turkish towels will be compromised with poor quality goods. Towels that range between $35-$65 USD are probably going to be your best bet when it comes to quality. If you are buying for less chances are the company has cut corners along the way to be of lesser quality.

Quality premium cotton Turkish towels that last, are ethically made and eco friendly. We believe in quality over quantity at Art Of Movement and that a towel can be a blanket, a scarf, a shawl, a baby accessory or a cozy wrap on a cold night.

How do I fix an untied fringe?

  You've just washed your Turkish towel and now a fringe has become undone. Have no fear, this is a relatively easy fix. First split the untied fringe in half and twist the strings in a counter clockwise rotation. Then spin the two strings together in a clockwise rotation and tie a knot at the end. 

How to tie up an undone fringe on your Turkish towel. Simple steps to tying up the fringe on your ultra-soft towel is easy.

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