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Why I bought a Turkish towel when I am NOT a shopper. It's that amazing.

I am NOT a shopper, so why did I buy this Premium cotton Turkish towel?

What’s the buzz on Turkish towels and why are these premium cotton phenoms taking over the beach and home scene? Well I am here to tell you all that and more! When I say I am not a shopper, what I mean is I buy for the long haul and I don’t buy often. It must be a quality product that I love, something that has multiple uses, looks good and last a long time. Premium cotton Turkish towels do all of these things for me and I never thought I could fall in love with a towel, but here I am professing my love for textiles.

  First off, if you do not have a Turkish towel you are seriously missing out! Turkish towels, or Plaj as they say in Turkey, are a beautiful 100% cotton hand made product that has a story centuries old.  Traditionally men hand weave Turkish towels on Peshtemal looms and can produce around 4 towels a day. The tradition is passed down from father to son and is a thriving industry in Turkey today.

  Here is the thing though, and why they are all the rage currently, the special tight weave that is created on these looms makes for a super product because it means that sand ( and other small annoying tag alongs) do not get picked up in your towel. After a day at the beach just shake your towel out and voila, no sand.  So when we say keep the sand at the beach, we really mean it! No more taking half the beach home with you. Also cotton has two amazing properties that also make this towel extra special.  Cotton is both antibacterial and quick drying so whether you use your towel for a beach accessory, or a home bath towel, you have a superior product that does not stink and dries fast. One comment or review about Turkish towels is that they do not stink like a regular bath towel, this is because of the cotton and weave working together unlike your normal bath towel.

  Premium cotton Turkish towels are also a really great travel companion because they are light weight and easy to carry or fold up small for your adventure.  The unisex towels are great for anyone who is seeking the travel life whether you plan to go on a backpack trip up a mountain or to the beach.  The globe trotters of the world are buying these towels because they are multi purpose for any adventure you may have. Some uses include:


  • beach towel
  • blanket
  • yoga mat on the go
  • shawl
  • scarf
  • throw on your couch
  • baby blanket
  • home bath towel
  • and anything else you can think of!

  Some of the less interesting facts about Turkish towels is that they come in many different colours and patterns so you are bound to find a few that you really love. I personally have changed my whole house over to these towels and my whole family has multiple for the beach, as a scarf, for a wrap/shawl, or as a nice blanket in the car.

 So if you are hitting the beach, the tub,  the couch or a night out on the town, you may want to invest in the next best thing (thats’ actually really old!) and get yourself a Turkish towel.

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